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With the requirement of three separate 24-hour hospital visits, blood sampling and invasive muscle biopsy procedures – not to mention drawing from a limited pool of local volunteers – they knew recruitment would be a challenge. They recognized they needed a new recruitment angle from the start. read more

While Dr. Netting and her study group are all seasoned researchers, this trial posed some unique and new challenges. “There were a few hoops to jump through before we could recruit online because this was the first study the institute had done using online targeted recruiting, so we needed to speak to the human research ethics group,” she says. Despite all their effort, “recruitment was quite slow” and she needed an alternative method fast. read more

Early in 2020, Dr. Constable set out to study whether the retina is more or less sensitive to light in young children where there is some evidence of autism and further neurodevelopmental delay. As he prepared for his latest study, Dr. Constable had a very real problem: He had no participant database to pull potential study participants from and no patients of his own to invite to the trial. read more

When two researchers joined a respiratory study focusing on early COPD detection in 2017, they knew they’d have trouble with recruitment due to unusual participant eligibility requirements. But soon after experiencing some positive recruitment activity, they realized they had another issue: Keeping participants on through the end of the study. read more

Creating an effective research flyer to attract and recruit ideal participants to your clinical research study is harder than it seems. At any given moment, we have unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips and everything seems to be vying for our attention. That said, it’s no wonder why so many research studies struggle to read more

Three researchers at Bayer Pharmaceuticals are conducting a randomized controlled trial to help sleep apnea patients manage their symptoms with a new medication. But their Phase 1 trial presented this trio more challenges than they’d bargained for. They faced tight timelines, a new enrollment site, unexpected response levels, and a global pandemic. read more

The number of virtual studies has increased by 145% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual studies present a number of opportunities for improving participant recruitment, participant experience and collecting more robust data, but also provide challenges when it comes to participant retention. In 2019, just 9.2% of studies were self-described as virtual and read more

“Everything came to a screeching halt,” she recalls. Her entire research project and recruitment strategy evaporated overnight. Kavita realized that to continue her research, she had to take the whole project online. This was a daunting task. She needed to learn an entirely new set of skills and create custom processes for the study. Although she had no experience with any of it, she had to get it done in record time. read more

COVID-19 has caused massive upheaval within the clinical trials industry with studies being paused, delayed or cancelled, and there is no sense of when they may resume as normal. In some cases sponsors and government institutions have redirected huge amounts of resources towards COVID-19 related research in response to the pandemic, leaving other studies vulnerable read more